Why You Should Be Combining Your Guest Posts With PBN Links

Why You Should Be Combining Your Guest Posts With PBN Links

You are already an expert on blogging quality content – and maybe you have even made a few fellow content creator allies. But are you taking full advantage of the benefits of guest posts? And have you considered the exponential potential of joining these posts with private blogging networks?

Follow Dripfeed Nation as we explain how guest posts can combine with PBNs to help you rise in the rankings and grow your traffic.

Guest Posts (aka Guest Blogging)

Share for Share

Guest blogging or guest posting is a method of building a network of posts and relationships between your blog and a related one. The purpose is to bring out the best of both blogs as far as backlinks, site authority, publicity, and online visibility.

Since linking is the cornerstone of SEO, bloggers are usually happy to build off each other using these practices. “Share for share” is a sort of mantra for those that consider themselves content creators. The platform of the internet is wide, and teamwork makes the dreamwork in this case. But is this method of guest posting a good way to build links and quality SEO? Definitely – but within reason.

Guest Posts and Spam

Content is always the king when it comes to any form of online marketing, and guest posts are no different. When contributing to your fellow bloggers’ content, be sure to keep it relevant and unique. Your content will be crawled over by Google, and if it is deemed too wordy, irrelevant, or otherwise spammy, you could actually harm the blogger for whom you are contributing. And thus, you won’t get much power from the link.

no spam on Guest posts and PBN links

The same scrutiny is important when examining your own inbound blog posts. If one of your fellow bloggers has posted irrelevant content – gently remind them that they will not receive a share unless the content is quality on both ends. And as always, be sure to check for any dead 404 links, as this is a huge red flag.

Finding External Post Donors

Fellow contributors can be difficult to acquire at first, but once the ball is rolling it is a snap. Follow similar content creators like yourself and see if you can provide quality posts. Scour social media, blogs, or even the want ads.

There may be copywriters out there looking to make their mark and help you and your partner bloggers by making contributions on both sides. Search for fabulous blogs that are looking for help or have only a few posts and reach out to their authors. Most content creators are looking to form symbiotic relationships. And, if it’s in your budget, there are plenty of paid guest post opportunities out there.

PBNs and their Benefit for SEO

Private blog networks are extremely useful in boosting ranks when done carefully. When done wrong, you risk being flagged or worse, de-indexed. For the most part, PBNs are created from reputable sites that have expired, but still control a high number of backlinks and quality link equity that can be passed towards your money site.

Choosing PBNs Over Link Building

To cut to the chase, using private blog networks is a fast way to gain high numbers of quality backlinks in a reasonably short amount of time. Top ranking search engine results are based on a factor of how many backlinks you have, so when you take over an expired domain, the quality backlinks it held before will come too. The idea is Google wants fantastic backlinks, and the alternative to PBNs is link building over time.

organic or not organic SEO traffic

A lot of so-called SEO gurus will tell you to just create awesome content and links will follow. But it’s just not that simple. 100% organic link building isn’t just slow, it’s a complete crap shoot. It’s like closing your eyes, wandering around for hours, and hoping you end up at your destination.

There comes a point that it does not matter what type of content you produce – you need every advantage you can get. PBNs are the answer to this, since you can manage the distribution of links, their placement, anchor text, and much more.

Once the ball is rolling and your ranking has started to naturally gain a rise – you can expect your quality content to get noticed. It just takes time. Remember that this is a practice Google frowns upon. So do it right, do it with care, or leave it to the pros to do it for you. Otherwise, you risk losing the value of your links or getting your sites de-indexed.

Combining PBNs and Guest Posts

As we can see, using PBNs can be risky and guest posting is tedious – forcing you to rely on other bloggers who can be unsympathetic towards your business needs. And here is where Dripfeed Nation comes into play. By analyzing current trends and your own business needs, creating a natural diversity in your backlink profile is the solution Dripfeed Nation can provide.

Combining the power of PBNs and guest posts allows the advantages of one method make up for the disadvantages of the other. Let’s take a look at how…

Disadvantages of PBNs:

  • Risky if not done right
  • Unimpressive to clients
  • Don’t provide traffic

Guest posts make up for all of these drawbacks. A guest post lands you a link on a real site with real traffic. It’s a share that you can be proud to show off to your clients. Since the guest post site actually has readers (compared to most PBNs), you aren’t just getting link juice. You’re also getting a small bit of referral traffic.

Disadvantages of Guest Posts:

  • More expensive
  • Harder to build in masses
  • Less control over link specifics like anchor text

PBNs are a quality solution to these problems. They provide you with a relatively affordable means of controlling your link metrics. Since they are cheaper, that also means you can usually build them faster and in larger quantities than guest posts.

Powering SEO with Dripfeed Nation Link Building

Instead of wearing your PBNs on your sleeve, allow Dripfeed Nation to bury them in a sequence of quality guest blog posts. It gets harder and harder for Google to detect risky links the more they are mixed with safer ones – thus reducing the risk of using PBNs.

While link building is a relatively simple process, it must be done the right way. So, leave it to experts that can offer customizable link building services that have already satisfied countless customers.

Like the SEO train that could, Dripfeed Nation is a conductor on which your money sites can depend. Get started today and climb the ranks with Dripfeed Nation – the only white label link building solution you need.