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Drip-Fed Social Signals.

  • Helping build trust and authority for your website (In both Google’s AND your customers eye’s)
  • Show’s Google that your websites content is valuable and therefore shows Google why more people should see it (aka: Bumping your site up in the search engine)
  • Shows that you have a reason for why your site is getting backlinks (such as PBN links or Guest Post links)

To put it quickly, most of the time drip feeding your signals going to be the most natural way to receive Social Signals.

The only times we recommend getting a “blast of signals”, is when a site is brand new or on your new blog posts. The reasoning behind this is because most people will like and share something when it’s is brand new.

After that, there would people sharing it here and there, therefore you would want to start getting drip feed signals on a monthly basis.


SEO Foundation

An “SEO Foundation” is a combination of:

  • Social Media profiles (Like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more)
  • Web 2.0’s (Such as Tumblr, StumbleUpon (now Mix), Behance and more)
  • Social Signals (The likes and shares of your site on any of the Social Media platforms)
  • Web 2.0 based shout outs (commonly referred to as a “Syndwire Blast”)
  • Citations (Such as Yelp, Foursquare and more… [Only for businesses with a physical address]
    These are some of the most important links for any new or old site but many websites do not have them created and/or optimized correctly.

These profiles and/or sites do more than just create a great link for your site. They are also, a major trust factor when it comes to your brands online reputation. This is because many of your customers will be using sites like these to research your company before using your service.


Drip-Fed PBN Links

The key aspects of “Drip Feed PBN Backlinks” are:

  • Backlinks from PBN’s are one of the strongest ranking factors in SEO (Think of it like this… The harder it is to get the link in Google’s eyes, the more powerful it will be… Therefore, posting your websites link on a Social Media platform is very easy to do and not worth as much as a link directly from an article on a high powered website that talks a lot about your niche (Of course a Social Share link that you’d get from sharing your site on Social Media site has it’s place in SEO, but it’s not the most efficient way to rank your site))

  • PBN Links” are simply sites owned by us that are made well enough to look like real sites

  • Some people in the SEO world think that this is “blackhat” but honestly these are more like “grey-hat” SEO tactics and are safer than the methods that around 95% of SEO’s use

  • Creating your own or buying PBN Links are great because you can directly control what happens to the site, what’s posted on it, linking to it and more. PBN’s are an amazing asset and will be work perfectly for most SEO campaigns.
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DFN White Label Link Building.

We do white label PBN link building for SEO agencies. Come check out more about it here.

Shout out By Chris M. Walker!

If you do not know who Chris M. Walker is, he is one of the biggest names in the SEO world. He owns the Legiit Marketplace (which is like Fiverr, but 100x BETTER… Plus, where Dripfeed Nation was born) and a consulting agency called “Superstar SEO”.

This image is Chris M. Walker himself shouting out the Dripfeed Nation Community. The shout out happened around the time that we started gaining a following in the SEO world and has been growing ever since!.