What is the Difference in Unique Social Signals and Normal Ones_

What is the Difference in Unique Social Signals and Normal Ones?

We all know how important social signals are.

While contextual backlinks aren’t going anywhere soon when it comes to building a site’s authority, social signals have become a key ranking factor. They are basically seen as a vote for your site’s popularity.

The more Google sees that your content is being liked, shared, retweeted, pinned, etc., then the more it’s going to view your content as popular. Thus, you are likely going to be ranked higher. Google wants to rank quality, shareable content after all, and social signals are one way that Googlebot is able to gather that info.

But, not all social signals are created equally. We can classify them into two groups: normal social signals and unique social signals. This post is going to talk about how they differ and why it’s important to use both to rank your sites.


What are Normal Social Signals?

Normal social signals are, well, for lack of a better term: normal. These are the signals that come from all of the typical, easy to acquire social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a full list of the normal social signals that we use at Dripfeed Nation:

  • Twitter likes and shares
  • Facebook likes and shares
  • Pinterest likes and shares
  • Google+ likes and shares

Normal social signals are important because they form the backbone of your social media presence. They let Google know that your content is spreading around all the usual places that all the usual people hang out.

But, the benefits of unique social signals are not to be left out, and that’s what we’ll talk about next.


What are Unique Social Signals?

Linkedin Unique SignalsUnique social signals are just harder to acquire social signals, from platforms that are more niche specific, authoritative, or heavily monitored. These social signals have more power because, as any SEO knows, Google places more value on ranking factors that are harder to acquire.

When you get unique social signals from Dripfeed Nation, here’s what you’re getting:

  • LinkedIn shares and likes
  • Mix (formerly StumbleUpon) shares and likes
  • Reddit shares and likes


The Benefits of Unique Social Signals

If normal social signals are like the foundation of your SEO skyscraper, unique social signals are the steel girders that let it touch the clouds. The power in unique social signals comes from the curated nature of the sites that they originate from.

LinkedIn is a heavily moderated ocean of professionals looking to stand out in their industry. It’s not as easy to create massive accounts on LinkedIn, so a unique social signal from here holds a lot of weight in Google’s eyes.

Reddit Unique SignalsMix (which until recently was called StumbleUpon) and Reddit are both well known as being heavily user monitored, meaning that Redditors and Mixers can smell self-promotion from a mile away. For this reason, sharing content on these sites isn’t as easy as it might be elsewhere, and thus, the value of a social signal is a bit higher.


Boost Your Rank With Unique Social Signals from Dripfeed Nation

Just like a link can be toxic or valueless depending on the origin, unique social signals can vary in their strength. All of our unique social signals come from highly used accounts that aren’t loaded with spam or other questionable material. Plus, as our name implies, we dripfeed your signals over time for maximum naturalness.

Check out our unique social signal in the extras today!


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