Parasite Sites for SEO

What in the Heck are Parasite Sites for SEO?

Sounds pretty gross, doesn’t it?

Parasite SEO.

Makes you think of ticks, leeches, lawyers, and other bloodsuckers that survive off of other organisms (We love you Lawyers, please note that it was a joke).

Well, that’s exactly what parasite SEO is and in this post will show you what it is, how it works and some of the best parasite sites for SEO.


What is Parasite SEO?

When you’re doing keyword research for a new niche, what do you constantly see ranked in the top 10?

Google loves these sites because they are massive authority domains with TON’s of content and brand recognition. Parasite SEO is the process of using the inherent domain authority of these mega sites in order to steal first page rankings.

Simply put, if Yelp is ranking in the top 3 for “New York Plumbers” your goal is to rank your business within that result for Yelp. Thus, you are leeching off of Yelp’s domain authority with a page that you can blast away with links without fear of damaging your own site.


How to Do Parasite SEO

The process starts by finding the best parasite sites for SEO in your niche, then optimizing your content on those sites, and then finally throwing links and social signals at it until it ranks.


Find the Best Parasite Sites for SEO

There is no one size fits all answer here. The trick is to search for the terms you want to rank for, see which parasite sites are on the first page. For local home improvement businesses, it’s gonna be a lot of Yelp and Angie’s List. For national affiliate marketing, probably a lot of Quora or other forums.

Just search your keywords, see what’s ranking, and make a list of the best parasite sites for SEO in your niche.


Optimize Your Content

Whether you already have content or a listing on the parasite sites you’ve selected, your goal is to make it better than anyone else’s. Treat it like any other page you want to rank. Add value, optimize keywords, etc. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their business listings or similar parasite content, so you usually don’t have to do much to beat the competition.


Throw Links Until You Rank

Finally, because you are ranking a property on someone else’s domain (and a domain that Google already really trusts) you can use some very aggressive link building strategies.

This is the place for GSA blasts, massive social signal bursts, and powerful PBN links. You aren’t risking a penalty on your own site, so you’ve really got nothing to lose here (99% of the time the Parasite type sites won’t get shut down as long as you follow along with our eBook on this).


Get to Work You Bloodsucking Parasite

Parasite SEO isn’t new, but it is underutilized.

All you have to do to win any race is run a little bit faster than the guy in front of you. So, if your competitors aren’t already sucking blood by using the best parasite sites for SEO, then it’s time for you to step up and get drinking.

Check out our eBook here on how to set up, which ones to create and even how to power up Web 2.0’s which are just like these kinds of sites. If you don’t want to take the time to do them, then let Dripfeed Nation take care of the hard work for you with our SEO Foundation service.


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