Three Quick Tips on Social Signals for SEO

Three Quick Tips on Social Signals for SEO

Even though Matt Cutts tried to deny that social signals are a ranking factor, smart SEOs know that you can’t trust Google when it comes to squat about their algorithm. They keep it secret for a reason, so why would we take anything they say seriously?

So SEOs have continued to use social signals to help rank their sites by proving to search engines that they are full of engaging content that readers want to like, share, pin, retweet, and more. And we keep seeing good results from them.

Whether you’ve been using them for a while or are just getting started, we hope you’ll find value in these quick tips on social signals for SEO.

Social Signals for SEO Tip #1: Go For Power

Not all social signals for SEO are created equally. Like anything in SEO, the harder a ranking factor is to obtain, the more powerful it is. That’s why contextual backlinks are going to rank you better than forum links.

The same goes for your social signals. In an interview with Search Engine Land, Google and Bing admitted that their algorithms compute authority for Twitter handles. This means, for example, that a retweet from an aged Twitter account with a lot of followers and interaction is probably going to do more for your site than some account you just created a few days ago with a fake name.

three best ways to get social signals
So, if you are going to invest in social signals for SEO, you’re better off purchasing them from someone whose been in the business for a while rather than taking care of it on your own.

Social Signal Tip #2: Time Your Signals Right

The goal of SEO is to make your site look as naturally authoritative as possible. So what makes more sense to occur first: a whole bunch of bloggers writing about your content or a whole bunch of people sharing your content on social media?

The natural progression that most sites would see is that users would first share it, then bloggers would pick up on the story and start writing about it. This is the natural course of content going viral. So before you start building PBN links or doing guest post outreach, show Google that people have a reason for backlinking by using social signals.

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Social Signal Tip #3: Keep It Natural

Bigger isn’t always better in SEO. The name of the game is natural.

So, if you are trying to rank a website for a small dumpster rental business in a little midwest town, how natural is it going to look if you blast the site with 200,000 social signals in a single day?

Not very.

So drip feed your social signals for your SEO over a week or so and keep the number realistic for your niche and what your competitors are doing. Check out the video I made around this topic below:

Bonus Tip: Buy From a Pro

Hey, what’s a blog post without a strong call-to-action?

If you are looking to use social signals to rank your sites, why not save yourself all the time and hassle of building them on your own. You could spend hours and hours doing it yourself or training your VA’s. Or you could spend the price of a pizza dinner and let the pros at Dripfeed Nation do it for you right here? –

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