Should You Be Powering Up Your PBN Links With Social Signals

Should You Be Powering Up Your PBN Links With Social Signals?

Social signals are a key ingredient for ranking. That much is pretty done and settled among SEOs. The formula, in a nutshell, is…

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Social Signals
  3. Backlinks

In that order.


Your on page SEO is what helps Google see your site as relevant and user friendly. Social signals build trust and pave the way for your link building campaigns. And then the backlinks add the final dose of authority to tell Google “I’m king of the hill now. Rank me!”powering up your PBN links with social signals

Without social signals, why would search engines trust that your backlinks are legitimate. Unjustified links are a surefire way to land yourself in the penalty box. Enjoy your stay on page two. Do not pass GO and do not collect two hundred dollars.

But even when you do pave the way for trustworthy backlinks, can you use social signals to power up your PBNs for even more ranking juice?


Powering Up Your PBN Links With Social Signals

What gives a PBN power to rank your money site?

The obvious answer is Google. That’s why we buy expired or auction domains with a clean history and strong backlink profile. Because Google already trusts them.

So if you can use social signals to build trust with your money site, wouldn’t it follow to reason that you can also use social signals to power up your PBNs? And if you can power up your PBNs with social signals, doesn’t that mean that your money site will receive even more authority?


How To Use Social Signals to Power Up Your PBNs

Power of Social SignalsSo now that you can see that social signals aren’t just for your money site, let’s talk about how to use them to power up your PBNs. The new formula looks like this:

  1. Publish money site page
  2. Drip feed social signals to money site
  3. Publish PBN post pointing to money site
  4. Drip feed social signals to PBN post

Think about this in your head for a second to realize how natural it looks. It’s the perfect example of content going viral. You know, the kind of content that Google wants to rank high. Here’s an example for clarity…

  1. A health website publishes a blog post on eating Paleo.
  2. Followers love the post and share it all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Some mommy blogger piggybacks on the buzz by writing about it on her blog.
  4. The mommy blogger’s fans go wild and share her post all over social media too.


And that, plain and simple, is exactly why using social signals to power up your PBNs is 100% safe, effective, and natural.


Buy Social Signals Wisely

If you are going to use social signals to power up your PBNs, do it wisely. How natural would it look if every single one of your PBNs were being shared on all of the same accounts?

For this reason, even though we would love for you to rely solely on Dripfeed Nation for your social signals, we can’t in good conscience recommend this when it comes to your PBNs. There is just too much risk of leaving a footprint, just like when you don’t drip feed your PBN links.


So, buy our socials signals right here, for sure! One last thing! Even though we use multiple media accounts to make our signals it is still best to diversify as well. This will help lessen the chance that one of your PBN’s and/or websites that PBN is linking too, ending up on the same Social accounts somehow. If you are looking for another quality provider that we recommend, here is our favorite. Again, use the their service every once in a while to make sure that your PBNs aren’t all being shared on the same accounts:


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