Can You Have To Much Social Signals

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Social Signals?

You can never have too much of a good thing, or so the saying goes. But does that apply to social signals too?

First off, whoever coined that saying has never been in a pie eating contest. I love a blueberry pie as much as the next guy—but after 5 or 6 of them, I’m pretty sure I’ve had too much of a good thing.blueberry pie and seo

There’s plenty of other “good things” that can go bad when you have too much:

  • Too much coffee (delicious) and you can’t sleep.
  • Too much water and you feel bloated.
  • Too much exercise and you pull a muscle.

But, what about social signals?

Can too many social signals doom your site’s rankings like 100,000 back-links created overnight?

Let’s find out…


Social Signals Should Look Natural

I’ve probably said this in plenty of posts before this one: when it comes to SEO, the name of the game is natural.

To rank any page, you just have to look natural like the other guys, but do it a little bit better.

If you don’t look natural, it doesn’t matter what type of techniques you are using, you won’t rank. Even pure white hat SEO can tank a site if it’s profile doesn’t match what natural looks like for that industry.

So, when it comes to social signals, what does natural look like?

Probably not a million Facebook likes in a week, unless maybe you are in a highly competitive worldwide niche.

That’s why we tend to drip feed social signals over time at a reasonable rate. So, that you don’t look unnatural.


Too Many Social Signals Won’t Hurt Your Rank

Will to many Social Signals hurt your SEOWhile natural is the name of the game, you don’t have to lose too much sleep over trying to get your social signals perfect.

At least for now, most SEOs are in agreement that there is no such thing as too many social signals. However, social signals do follow the law of diminishing returns. After a certain amount, they just won’t be doing much for you anymore and aren’t worth the investment.

That being said, Big G’s ranking algorithms are ever changing, so it’s always in your best interest to avoid doing anything that could look suspicious.


So How Many Social Signals Should I Use?

There’s no easy answer to this question.

We recommend starting with a slow, steady supply of social signals drip feed over time. Measure the results, stay the course until they seem to not be adding any benefit.

Remember that when it comes to looking natural, social signals don’t have to be a one and done strategy. Evergreen content that users continue to find month after month and year after year is going to continue to get shared, liked, retweeted, and pinned.

So, just because you do a big blast at the time of launching your content, don’t feel like you are done with social signals.

Now, come take a look at our best social signals service and get those signals you’ve been looking for.


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