Is There A Difference in Drip Feed Social Signals and Social Signal Blasts

Is There A Difference in Drip Feed Social Signals and Social Signal Blasts?

Your brand-new site and new blog posts need different types of signals than what your older sites need! Since Social Signals are one of the big three core aspects of SEO (which are On-Page, Social Signals, Back links), they are extremely important. It is important to make sure everything looks natural in Google’s eyes when getting your Social Signals.

Many people will say that Social Signals mean “Nothing”, but what most of those people do not understand is what they are really for. See, these signals are for building your sites credibly, trust and overall authority. They are not really for helping a site rank.

“So, Caleb, do I even need them then?”

100% Yes! Even though Social Signals may not make help you rank, they will do is tell Google that “Hey, we have people talking about us therefore they are linking to our site (aka: your PBN links or Guest posts)”. Do you get what we mean?

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We wanted to make sure you knew the difference in style of service so that you keep your SEO looking as natural as possible. The video below explains the main points behind drip feed Social Signals and Social Signal blasts (There is actually a place for BOTH Ways)!


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