Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is DripFeed Nation?

We bring you the highest quality social signals and back links you will find. We strive to be your number one spot for on multiple mind-blowing SEO services for the backbone of your businesses online brand. Come learn more about us here (Opens a new window).

Is DripFeed Nation Safe?

Most definitely, check out our reviews here (Opens a new window). Also, we have a site “SSL” (“https” which encrypts any information you enter into our site), we have our DNS servers operating through “Cloudflare” (Helps protect from hackers in the sites back-end) and much more!

What Does Drip Feeding Mean?

Drip Feeding is simply the process of sending the Social Signals or Links in small amounts over multiple days. For example: Drip Feeding 3,000 Social Signals over a two week period looks more natural than blasting all of them at your site within a couple of minutes.

Why Are Your Services All on This “Legiit Marketplace”?

We plan to fully move to our own site within the next couple of months, but currently it is easier for our customers to use the “Legiit Marketplace“.

What Are Social Signals?

Social Signals can range anywhere from a share, like, pin, tweet and almost any type of interaction on Social Media that deals deals directly with your site.

How Do Drip Fed Social Signals Help?

Social Signals are one of the 3 core aspects of SEO (Which are On-Page, Social Signals and Back-links). Social Signals show Google that your site has a reason to be getting the Back-links once you start building them. Drip Feeding them, makes getting them look more natural.

What Are Back-links?

Back-links are simply one site linking to another… Now, it’s not really that simple but that is what it is at it’s base. Some aspects with links would be things like: Do the sites talk about the same topic? (Relevance), How much trust worthiness does the site linking to yours have? (Link juice/Metrics) and a couple of others but these are the main ones.

How Do Drip Fed Back-links Help?

Just like Social Signals, these are part of the main 3 core aspects of SEO. Back-links are usually more powerful (or have a higher chance of really helping your site rank) than Social Signals are. Therefore, they are always best to Drip Feed no matter what. Keep in mind that it looks abnormal to Google if you have Back-links but no Social Signals.

Can I Read Your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Yah not a worry, feel free to read our Privacy Policy here and our Terms of Service here. Also, find our Disclaimer here if you would like to read that as well.

Can I Contact DripFeed Nation if I Have Questions?

Yes most definitely,feel free to click here to contact us with any questions you have 🙂