Dripfeed Nation SEO campaign checklist off page on page

Dripfeed Nations Secret Off Page SEO Checklist

The Pre-face to This Off Page SEO Checklist

On Page.

Everything starts with On Page period.

Before we get in to deep on the Off Page SEO checklist, I want you to keep in mind that your sites On Page SEO. This is very important and the base of it should come before almost any part of your websites Off Page factors.

Now, you are probably asking, “Then how in the hell do I do On Page” right?

Well, don’t worry because there will be a video, post and eBook very soon (which I will update you on the Dripfeed Nation Facebook Mastermind, but i’ll link you to that later).

So, are you ready to jump into a few general guidelines to follow?


Read more below…

The First Month of Your Website’s SEO Campaign

  • Like it says above, the first thing you need to do before anything is take care of creating your websites base content and pages On Page.
  • Next, take care of the foundation links that would be common for any site on the internet to have the first month. These would be the main Social Medias [usually connected to homepage].
    1. Your main Web 2.0 profile links [to your homepage].
    2. Small Social Signal blast (1,000-5,000 signals [to your homepage]).
    3. Citations if local [to each separate locations page, or the page you have your GMB connected too].

The Second Month of the SEO Campaign

  • The second month is where you will want to hit your site with more Social Signals and some bigger links that carry a lot of power.
    1. These drip some Social Signals would work perfectly for this months signals [some to your homepage and then some to your inner pages that you are going to want to rank].
    2. Order a DAS stack for a good amount of naked URL links [to the homepage].
    3. A Press Release for branded and naked URL links for high authority news sites [to the homepage or to location based pages if you are a local company].
    4. The first bigger link that I always like to do, which is a Sub Reddit link.
    5. A Steemit link which is another major link like the Sub Reddit would be [usually both will be just fine pointed towards your homepage].
  • Side note: The “Reddit link” and “Steemit link” are perfect to power up with PBN’s of there own.

PBN Time! The Third Month of Your Site’s Campaign

  • After the main foundational links have been completed and a good amount of general high powered links are going to your site, it is time for the big dogs to come into play.
    1. You would want to do a few niche relevant Guest Posts.
    2. While having high powered PBN’s to boost up your websites overall rankings.
    3. Also, this is when you would start sending some of those links to the inner pages you are wanting to rank for as well.
  • Keep in mind to pay attention to the ratios of anchor texts you use when building out your links so that your site does not suffer from bad SEO methods in the future.
  • Major side note: Like most of this outline, you do not need to worry about having one task completed being even starting the next task… Google is not going to care if your site gets PBN links and then waits a month or so until it receives Guest Posts, all that matters is that your site gets the links.

Beyond the Thrid Month, Forth And Even After You Are Ranking…

  • After that, it is a combination of sending a few drip feed Social signals here and there.
  • Gradually building PBN links to the pages you want to rank (“gradually” meaning, building between 5-50 on a monthly basis, depending on your niche… NOT sending a billion links to a page like they did back in 2010).
  • After the page ranks (which can take anywhere between 3 months to over a year if you are doing everything correctly), then it is making sure your rankings stay at the top and make changes when necessary.

Here is that link to Dripfeed Nation’s Facebook Mastermind. In this mastermind, you can ask any questions you have, let me know if you want an On Page SEO checklist and collaborate other SEO’s just like you!

Check it out here!

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