Do You Need to Drip Feed Your PBN backlinks?

The Importance of Drip Feeding PBN Backlinks

One of the most common questions that our customers ask us is, “when should I start linking my new PBN to my money site?” if the same question has popped up into your mind then, we are here for you. If you are new to the business, then you need to know about the role of drip feed backlinks in your PBNs. So, if you are wondering whether you need to start drip feeding PBN backlinks or not then, the straightforward answer to this question is a big YES. But, when should you do it?

SEOWell, the answer is only when it feels natural to do so. What this signifies is that if you are the owner of new money sites which have not received any links from other guest posts then, you obviously do not want to initiate sending the PBN links to the websites just yet.

The PBN links are the best type of links that your money sites will get. The reason behind this is you have full control over the anchor text as well as the link equity that PBN links pass. Therefore, we suggest you use the PBN link more strategically.

If your money sites have already got backlinks and also the anchor texts from different links, then it is high time you should start using the drip feed backlinks along with specific anchor texts to the money sites. The reason behind is, you now want to assure that your money sites have backlinks and if you start drip feeding PBN backlinks with some specific anchor texts, the density of the anchor texts do not become unnaturally high.

So, now another question is what is the best length of time to start drip feed backlinks? To be honest, it depends on the total development of your existing backlink profile. Suppose, it is a fresh site then you need to drip at least for five to ten for one month before starting to speed things up. However, if it is a secure website, then you can do one every other day.SEO Drip Feed PBN Backlinks

At Drip Feed Nation we use drip feed PBN backlinks to create a more natural looking link building process. We will bring you the highest quality of backlinks as well as social signals. If you are looking for mind-blowing SEO service then, our company is perfect for you. We want to rank your webpage high in the search engine result pages along with some compelling links.

Come check out more about us on our homepage and our drip feed PBN backlinks service today!


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