Do You Need to Drip Feed Your PBN backlinks

Do You Need to Drip Feed Your PBN Backlinks?

If you already understand the power of private blog networks (or PBNs), you may be wondering about the speed that you can blast them out at. Do you really need to dripfeed your PBNs? The short answer is yes—but only if you want to keep your rankings safe and your traffic flowing. And you do want that, right?

Let’s break down some frequent questions asked about PBN backlinks and the importance of a drip feed:

  • What is the purpose?
  • When should I start building PBN links to my site?
  • Are they really that profitable?
  • At what rate should I blast the links out?
  • What is the basic SEO process behind PBN backlinks?

All these questions and more are the sorts of things we think about on a daily basis here at Dripfeed Nation 💡

The Importance of Drip Feeding PBN Links

As every player in the SEO game is aware, backlinks are almost nine-tenths of the game. Your rankings will climb, but so will the hours. As you continue to build your projects, acquire clients, and research keywords, your competition is busy focusing on growing their business.

You may be tempted to fight back by blasting link after link to your clients’ sites or your own. After all, faster is better right? Unfortunately this looks really unnatural to Google. How likely is it, after all, if Joe Plumber’s website suddenly goes viral overnight?

This is why you need to drip feed your backlinks.

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What Can I Expect from Dripfeed Nation Backlinks?

No more suffering though the tedium of building your own PBNs. And most importantly, no more worrying over the speed of your own link building campaigns. Dripfeed Nation will take your carefully specified keywords, and build a slow burning drip feed of PBN backlinks. Our goal is to look as natural as possible while still building links that pack a real punch.

Just a few benefits of letting Dripfeed Nation power your backlinks:

  • Links are dripped at carefully measured speeds to stay under the Google Sandbox radar
  • Get awesome results in rankings
  • Quality content built around your keywords
  • And most importantly—save time so you can focus on the important stuff

When to Start Building Your PBN Links

The best time to start building your PBN links is as soon as your site is launched and you’ve established a solid foundation of social signals and lower powered links. You don’t want to dive right into contextual PBN links. That just isn’t natural.

As you do begin to build out your PBN link profile, keep it slow. Our goal is to usually drip feed the first month’s worth of links or so before we even begin to think about picking up the pace. Just remember that every SEO campaign is different.

Maybe you have been managing your own drip feed backlinks profile for a long time and are ready to hand it off to our professionals. Perhaps you are just getting a following in your business and it is time to strike while the iron is hot. 🔥

Whatever the case, contact Dripfeed Nation and get the slow burn of backlinks started. As your brand grows we can increase the faucet and turn that light drip into a torrent of daily PBN Links.

How to Drip Feed Your Backlinks In Your SEO Campaign

The time to start drip feeding PBN backlinks was yesterday. But quality over quantity is business as usual, and with a little basic SEO knowledge you or your marketing team will have the necessary information to move forward with linkbuilding.

Your first goal is to identify the keywords most desired to be found through your drip feed SEO campaign. If you are selling hats, what is the best part about your hats? If they have all-natural materials, let’s focus on that. Maybe they’re waterproof? You or your SEO guru need only to provide the keywords “all-natural hats” or “waterproof hats”, and we will build content around them.

backlinks are a big deal link building

Once we’ve got the content lined up, the slow drip will begin. Our drip feed PBN link building service will start rolling out your brand across blogs that have real power.

It is a wide internet out there, and the use of drip feed SEO is alive and well. But are you taking advantage of every tool at your disposal?

Why PBN Backlinks? 🤔

Backlinks are the fastest, strongest, and most proven way to boost rankings. PBNs are particularly ideal because they give you full control over the anchor text and link equity. We all know that some anchor text just doesn’t come naturally on guest posts and spontaneous links.

You could sit around and twiddle your thumbs hoping for your anchor text ratios to magically work out right. Or you could let Dripfeed Nation do it the right way 👈

The Dripfeed Nation Way

Remember that drip feeding and creating a PBN backlinks profile has risks. Just like spamming keywords went out years ago, Google may find your backlinking techniques in a similar vein.

The proven method at Dripfeed Nation uses moderate speeds dependent on your brand’s existing web presence. Too much speed and Google may think these backlinks are spam, too slow and the process will never pick up off the ground.

Spread your message clearly and safely across the web by checking out our drip feed PBN service. Contact us directly with questions or apply to join our Facebook Mastermind today.

One more thing below 👇 for the SEO agencies out there…

White Label Link Building with Dripfeed Nation

If you’re an SEO agency and convinced that it’s time to start putting the drip in your feed, Dripfeed Nation’s white label link building might be the answer to all your prayers.

When you’re doing SEO work for clients, the more time you are spending inside your business, the less time you are spending to make it grow. Maybe it’s realistic to build your own PBNs for a couple of clients, or even a dozen. But eventually, the job just gets too cumbersome. You’ll either spend all day every day building links, or you’ll try to rush things and make some sort of major blunder.

Our white label link building service for SEO agencies is the solution you need.

When you need hundreds of links every month built on quality content and powerful, spam-free PBNs and Guest Post outreaching, you need Dripfeed Nation.