Do You Need to Drip Feed Your PBN backlinks

Do You Need to Drip Feed Your PBN backlinks?

The Importance of Drip Feeding PBN Links

Some of the most common questions that our customers ask us is, “when should I start building PBN links to my money site?“, “should I have all the links built a the same time or drip feed them out?“, or “what is your base SEO process Caleb?“… If you are asking these questions or something similar, then keep reading on.

When to Start Building Your PBN Links

SEO pbn link drip feeding

What is the best length of time to start drip feed backlinks? To be honest, it depends on the total development of your existing backlink profile. Suppose, it is a fresh site then you need to drip at least for five to ten of your backlinks for one month before starting to speed things up. However, if it is a secure website, then you can do one every other day.

How to Drip Feed Your Backlinks

If you are wondering whether if you need to start drip feeding PBN backlinks or not then, the straightforward answer to this question is a big YES. But, when should you do it?

Well, the answer, when it feels natural to do so…

“So Caleb, what in the hell is natural then?”

Let me explain.

First off, note that no matter what anyone says, there is NO 100% accurate way to strategize the building patterns of your links. This is due to every niche, website, style of SEO aspects and everything else varying from case to case. The best way to find out what you will need is by putting in a little bit time to do your own research. What you would want to look at is what your top competitors in your specific niche are ranking for, the power and relevance of the links they have, keyword density and word count, anchor text ratios, etc… but i’ll leave all that for another post for now.

Luckily, there still are a few general guidelines to follow.

The First Month of Your Website’s SEO Campaign

Usually you want to take care of creating your websites base content, pages and foundation links the first month (Main Social Media’s [usually connected to homepage], main Web 2.0 profile links [to your homepage], small Social Signal blast (1,000-5,000 signals [to your homepage]), citations if local [to each separate locations page, or the page you have your GMB connected too])

The Second Month of the SEO Campaign

The second month, you would want to drip some Social Signals [some to your homepage and then some to your inner pages that you are going to want to rank], order a DAS stack [to the homepage], a Press Release [to the homepage or to location based pages if you are a local company] and maybe some bigger links like a Sub Reddit link and a Steemit link [usually both will be just fine pointed towards your homepage].

PBN Time! The Third Month of Your Site’s Campaign and Beyond

After the main foundational links and a good amount of general high powered links are going to your site, it’s time for the big dogs to come into play. The third month is when you would want to start with both niche relevant Guest Posts and high powered PBN’s to really boost up your websites overall rankings. Also, this is when you would start sending some of those links to the inner pages you are wanting to rank for as well.

Keep in mind to pay attention to the ratios of anchor texts you use when building out your links so that your site does not suffer from bad SEO methods in the future.

After that, it’s really just a combination of sending a few Social signals here and there and also, gradually building links to the pages you want to rank (“gradually” meaning, building between 5-50 on a monthly basis, depending on your niche… NOT sending a billion links to a page like they did back in 2010). After the page ranks (which can take anywhere between 3 months to a year if you are doing everything correctly), then it’s just making sure your rankings stay at the top and make changes when necessary.

Why PBN Backlinks?

PBN links are usually going to be the most powerful links that your money sites will get. The reason behind this is that you have full control over the anchor text as well as the link equity. Link equity is the search factor that takes the relevance, overall authority, trust and even the link placement on the website. Therefore, you have full control over how you build the PBNs and creating the backlinks coming off them.

Keep in mind that if you have followed my method above, then your site already has a few backlinks from the Social Media’s, profiles, etc… so again, be sure to pay attention to your anchor text ratios. Site’s with to high densities of unnatural anchors, run the risk of getting penalized.

SEO Drip Feed PBNs as backlinks

The Dripfeed Nation Way

Our process at Dripfeed Nation consists of drip feeding the creation of building your PBN backlinks so that it looks more natural in Google’s eyes. Just like our Social Signals, we always bring you high powered backlinks so that you have the best chance of getting some rankings of your own. We hope that you are looking for some mind-blowing SEO services because that’s what we will be bring you!

Come check our drip feed PBN service, ask your questions about all this by applying to join our Facebook Mastermind find out more about us today!


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