Can Social Signals Justify Your Backlinks

Can Social Signals Justify Your Backlinks?

Social signals and Backlinks… We know that they matter for ranking, but what exactly is their relationship to one another?

Can they work alone? Or do they only really help for SEO when you use them together?

In this post, we will take a closer look at how you can use social signals to justify your backlinks.


The Goal of SEO is to Look Natural

When you are trying to implement any SEO strategy, remember that the primary goal is to look natural. You are trying to fool a sophisticated robot (Google) into believing that your website has gained relevance, authority, and trust in a completely natural manner.SEO Backlinks

The last thing you want is to be the red headed step child in your niche with 10,000 social signals and backlinks when all your competitors are averaging 30. You want to blend in smoothly, outpacing your competitors by a couple of yards rather than hundreds of miles. If SEO is a race, you want to ensure that judges do not have any reason to suspect you of using steroids for an unfair advantage.

This is exactly why SEOs in the know use social signals to justify their backlinks.


Social Signals and Backlinks: You Can Not Have One Without the Other

Let’s say you have got a lead gen site that is trying to rank for “Chicago kitchen remodelers”. Since the name of the game is look natural, you are going to design a website and probably a Google My Business page that look and feel like a real kitchen remodeling business.

Social SEOSo, when it comes to ranking signals, what would a real business look like? I bet a real kitchen remodeler would have a Facebook and Instagram account that they would regularly share pictures of new work on. And, if they had a good following, these would get shared by their fans.

This would probably happen a few times every single week. So, it would look totally natural for your lead gen site to drip a few hundred social signals on the regular.

But what about backlinks? How often and how many contextual backlinks is a kitchen remodeler going to get every week, month, or year? Maybe they get featured in a local news article once. Maybe a few other small businesses link up with them too.

The point is, your social signals and backlinks are existentially intertwined. They give meaning to each other—like husband and wife, or proton and electron, or Abbott and Costello. You can not build a lot of backlinks without also having the social signals to justify them. And likewise, without backlinks, your social signals probably are not doing you as much good as they could be.


When in Doubt, Buy Together

So, if you are going to be building backlinks to your site, you will want to lead them with drip fed social signals first for maximum naturalness. If you are looking for a trusted name to purchase both, check out our full range of social signal and backlink packages.


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