Blast Off in the SERPs With These 10 Tips for Building PBNs

Blast Off in the SERPs With These 10 Tips for Building PBNs

A Private Blog Network (or PBN) can be an endless source of high-powered backlinks to rank virtually any site you own—if you build them right. If you make mistakes, though, you could end up wasting months of work and thousands of dollars only to be slapped with a penalty from Google. 

So in this post, we want to show you Dripfeed Nation’s 10 tips for building PBNs that work.

#1 Use The Right Metrics to Filter Your Domain Search

PBN backlink tips filter funnel

The backbone of your PBNs are your domains.

Whether you’re buying them at auction or picking up expired domains, you’ve got to find domains that will give your PBNs some actual punch. Otherwise, you’ll just be building links that don’t actually improve rankings.

The problem is that there are literally millions of domains for you to choose from.

How do you find the diamonds in the rough? Whatever platform you’re using to sift through potential domains should let you filter them based on various metrics.

Here are the absolute minimum metrics that Dripfeed Nation uses when acquiring new domains for PBNs:

  • Domain Authority 17+
  • Page Authority 20+
  • Trust Flow 17+
  • Citation Flow 17+
  • Referring Domains 10+

#2 Check the Domain’s Link Profile

Unfortunately, filtering by metrics only gets the job started. From their, you’ve got a few important things to check to make sure that your domain is actually going to be helpful. Metrics alone won’t move ranking.

Next, you want to use a tool like Majestic to examine the backlinks that are pointing at your potential PBN domain. They should be relevant, spam-free sites. Plenty of domains with so-called “good metrics” have a backlink profile made up of spammy link wheels or directory listings. The best backlinks are contextual links from real websites.

#3 Check For a Bad History

this is a fine PBNYou also want to run the domain through the Wayback Machine to make sure it doesn’t have a questionable past. If it looks like it was used for a PBN by a previous owner, it’s probably not worth the investment. They let it go for a reason, after all.

Likewise, if it was used as a burner ecom or affiliate site, exercise caution. Basically, you want a domain that doesn’t look like it was owned by another SEO in the past.

Also, be sure to avoid domains that were previously used in high-risk industries like pornography, gambling, CBD, or pharmaceuticals.

#4 Choose Safe and Smart Hosting

Once you’ve finally got a powerful, relevant, spam-free domain picked out, you’ll have to find hosting. However, when you’re building a PBN, you have to keep in mind that you are trying to maintain a low profile. You are building 10, 20, maybe 100 sites or more!

You don’t want to leave any hosting footprints that will help Google catch on to what you’re doing.

At Dripfeed Nation, we use a wide variety of different hosts to ensure that there is no connection between one site in our network and another. You can use everything from Amazon S3 to HostGator to GoDaddy.

As you grow your network, try to use hosts from a variety of geographical regions and ensure that they all have unique C-level IP addresses (that’s the third set of numbers in the IP address: AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD).

#5 Create a Real Looking Website

is it a real looking websiteOnce you’ve got your website hosted, you’ve got to actually flesh out the content. Do everything your can to make this look like a real website. Invest five bucks in a logo, create a persona, build an about us page, and so on.

One of the really important things to consider is your content. It doesn’t have to be award-winning, but it should be human readable. Typos are okay, but it shouldn’t be a dumpster fire that was obviously written by a robot.

#6 Use Niche Relevant Content

While the best PBN you can find will have previously been built in the niche you’re targeting and have a backlink profile that follows suit, you won’t always be able to get that lucky.

But, one thing that you do have control over is the topic of the content you’ll be publishing on your PBNs.

As much as possible, develop content that is highly relevant to the niche of the money sites you will be linking out to. Above any other type of link, Google values highly relevant contextual links.

So, if you are trying to rank a plumbing website, pump your PBN full of plumbing content.

For example…

Let’s act like this page (based on PBN building) is the homepage of a PBN where your link would be. Of course, your’s will be different than this due to having different keywords, being in a different niche and whatnot but it’ll give you an idea. Let’s say the URL is “


  • Title of WordPress website (Usually an H1): The Kipa Magazine On PBN Backlinks
  • Tagline of WordPress website: Covering everything private blog networks and why you need these links
  • Meta Title: The Kipa Magazine On PBN Backlinks –
  • Meta Description: Covering everything private blog networks and why you need these links. We want to have a wide range of topics that interest our readers. So please make sure…
  • First blog post title: Top 5 Reasons To Use PBN Links On Your Website Today
  • First blog post URL:
  • Content base around: Reasons to use PBN links
      • + You can link your first if you want but each campaign is different. Their’s no exact science, just be sure to make a post a month or so.
      • + Anchor to use: This one depends on how many links you already have to your site. If it’s your first PBN links, then i’d say to start with Naked (example: or Branded (example: Example Money Site 1). If you have done some before, then you can shoot for your exact match keywords and LSI’s, just remember to keep anchor text ratios in mind.
      • ++ Extra links: Link to 2-3 websites that are authorities based in your niche (try to stay away from Wikipedia, everyone uses that and it’s not very relevant to a single niche).
  • Second blog post title: What Is A PBN Backlink?
  • Second blog post URL:
  • Content base around: Define a PBN backlink
      • + Again, just depends on your campaign style, but you can either just not link this out anywhere, embed a relevant YouTube video in there or something a little different to diversify the content.
  • Third blog post title: How You Can Take Full Advantage of Your PBNs Using Other Backlinks
  • Third blog post URL:
  • Content base around: PBN tips
      • + Again, just depends on your campaign style, but you can either just not link this out anywhere, embed a relevant YouTube video in there or something a little different to diversify the content.
  • And so on…

As you can see throughout each of these blog posts, there is at least one keyword on the Meta’s, URL’s and Titles. These On-Page factors are what make up the majority of what Google looks at to see what a site is relevant too.

Now, there are others yes, such as the type of sites linking to your PBN and whatnot, but at a base, doing these things will get you pretty far! 


#7 Build Links Naturally

Remember, your PBN is just like any other blog or website. So you want it to look as realistic as possible. In fact, you should simply treat it like a real site for most purposes. One of the important ways is natural link building.

natural PBN backlink buildingMost links from websites come from blog posts and inner pages. It is really unnatural for 90% of a website’s outbound links to come from the home page, for example…

A good way to structure your links is to set your home page up as a full text blog roll, but then build the actual links within the blog posts. Now you’ve got the home page link juice but still a natural divide of your link placement.

Of course, if every site in your PBN looks like this, it could raise flags during a manual review. That’s one reason that Dripfeed Nation chooses themes and site structures a bit randomly to avoid any recognizable patterns.

#8 One Link Per PBN Per Money Site

This is a quick one, so while a single PBN site can link to multiple different money sites, you never want to power up the same money site with more than one link from the same PBN.

This does NOT mean that you can’t power up Web 2.0/Buffer sites pointing to that same money site though. Just be sure to make it sound somewhat natural.

Also, keep in mind that very link you add to a PBN dilutes the power a little bit more, so don’t add to many.

Like I said, this was a quick explanation, there could be more to talk on but there’s no reason to complicate it anymore than that. This will get you 99% of the way there and keep you as safe as possible.

#9 Be Careful About How Many Links You Send Out

Every link that you send out from your PBN waters down the power of all of them a little bit. For this reason, you want to limit the number of outbound links to your money sites. Too much link building too quickly can also be a red flag that your site is violating Google’s policies.

At the same time, every site is a little bit different. It all comes down to looking natural.

At Dripfeed Nation, most of our PBN sites top out at around 40 to 60 posts meant for link building. These aren’t all on the home page at the same time, of course, and they are published over a number of months.

#10 Maintain Your PBN Monthly

Finally, you want to add every site in your network to a routine maintenance schedule. On a monthly basis (or at least every-other-month), you should add a new post to keep the site relevant.

Likewise, check that your PBN is still indexed to ensure that it’s still worth building links from. You should also check on the PBN’s backlink profile. If the powerful sites are expiring or removing your links, your PBN won’t pack the same punch anymore.

Building a PBN That Works Is Tough

As you can see, there is a LOT that goes into a PBN that actually moves the needle and avoids detection. It is absolutely worth the effort if you want to build a sustainable source of high-quality links.

However, if you would rather spend your time focusing on the bigger aspects of your business, Dripfeed Nation has got you covered. SEO agencies love our white label link building services because they provide a trustworthy means of acquiring backlinks that work. They are ideal for SEOs who realize that building out their own PBNs would probably cost more and be less effective than having a professional do it for them. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, check out our white label link building today.

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