The Power of Two

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Public Tagline for your service (imagine you’re standing on a soapbox at a busy train station and you’re trying to get the attention of specific people that want your stuff- there’s also tons of other people on soap boxes shouting at the same people you are)

Headline at the top, inside the service page (make a promise that appeals to their emotions/selfishness and deepest desire if possible)

Pain (think about the deepest pain your prospects have by not using your service)

Amplify (make that pain even more real with examples they can visual and that they might be going through right now)

Empathise (show that you know how that feels and you’re on their side)

Solution (introduce your service here and show them they you can alleviate their pain)

Credibility (tell people why they should listen to you)

Proof (show them the results you’re already getting if possible)

Testimonials (show them what people are saying already- if it’s a new service, you can ask people to do review copies in exchange for honest reviews)

Benefits (use bullet points here- avoid talking about features only…it should be benefits, followed by the features)

Value justification (has to be worth more than the price you charge- also use contrast where possible ie; this is the price of your morning coffee etc)

Call to Action (tell your prospects exactly what to do next- click the buy now button etc etc)

Valuable Bonuses (offer some additional stuff for free if possible- time sensitive bonuses work well)

P.S (add a few important points here- imagine if your prospects only read this part, what would you say to them?)




HEAD/TITLE – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – PBN and Guest Post Backlinks for Referral Bond Results

—{ Video Here’ish }—

PAIN – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – Where would your business be if your current customers where able to increase your revue by 250%?

AMPLIFY PAIN – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, other businesses are bring their clients more results, better rankings, building a long term relationship and most importantly… Getting their clients more money!

So, what happens when their clients see all these amazing results?

EMPATHY – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – Well, before we get into that, you may not know, but we have been in the place you are in. Not getting a single customer in months… it sucked.

Honestly, it’s still painful to even think about it as I write this now…

I knew there had to be a way to get through struggling times in my business. I mean, there always is a way right?

SOLUTION – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – So, I sat down and thought this: “how in the hell do I get more customers without spending all the time and money to run advertising?”

What I came up with was simple.

Get my current customers to do the selling for me.

But how?

And that’s when it came…

Over deliver by getting them even more results and then ask them for if they know anyone who would like results like these!

CREDIBILITY – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 

–{[ NOTES for somewhere! – <{ How long have you done this }> … <{ Say “you may be here because a friend said you should check it out” }> … Proof [ you can always fake it 🙂 ]

PROOF – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 

TESTIMONIALS – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 

BENEFITS – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 


CALL TO ACTION – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 

VALUABLE BONUSES – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 

P.S. – (Rewrite this EXAMPLE) – See, 

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The key aspects of “Drip Feed PBN Backlinks” are:

  • Backlinks from PBN’s and Guest Posts are one of the strongest ranking factors in SEO (Think of it like this… The harder it is to get the link in Google’s eyes, the more powerful it will be… Therefore, posting your websites link on a Social Media platform is very easy to do and not worth as much as a link directly from an article on a high powered website that talks a lot about your niche (Of course a Social Share link that you’d get from sharing your site on Social Media site has it’s place in SEO, but it’s not the most efficient way to rank your site))
  • “PBN Links” are simply sites owned by us that are made well enough to look like real sites
  • Some people in the SEO world think that this is “blackhat” but honestly these are more like “grey-hat” SEO tactics and are safer than the methods that around 95% of SEO’s use
  • Creating your own or buying PBN Links are great because you can directly control what happens to the site, what’s posted on it, linking to it and more… Guest Posts are great and recommend to have BOTH types of links to your site (We will have a Guest Post service soon) but PBN’s are an amazing asset and will be work perfectly for most SEO campaigns

Click here or the button below to learn more about our Drip Feed PBN Links service and how we can help your site!

If you do not know who Chris M. Walker is, he is one of the biggest names in the SEO world. He owns the Legiit Marketplace (which is like Fiverr, but 100x BETTER… Plus, where Dripfeed Nation was born) and a consulting agency called “Superstar SEO”.

This image is Chris M. Walker himself shouting out the Dripfeed Nation Community. The shout out happened around the time that we started gaining a following in the SEO world and has been growing ever since!