4 Massive Tips For Perfecting Guest Post Outreach

4 Massive Tips For Perfecting Guest Post Outreach

Guest posts are a perfect way to round out your backlink profile. While we love the ease, convenience, and control that PBNs can provide, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. In addition to providing coveted link juice, guest posts can bring you something that a PBN typically doesn’t: traffic.

PBNs are meant to be “private”, after all. A well-placed link on a highly visited guest blog, though, will earn you a healthy dose of referrals over time.

But earning guest posts isn’t always easy. So here are our top 4 tips for guest post outreach to help you win more links more of the time.

#1 Find Worthwhile Sites to Reach Out To

For starters, you want to be a little bit picky about the types of sites you are targeting. Just like finding PBNs involves combing through site metrics and backlink profiles, you don’t want to overlook these details as you compile your outreach list.

So, do your homework and avoid reaching out to any sites that are obviously from the bad side of the tracks.

But how exactly do you find the sites to examine in the first place? There are several ways.

One of the simpletes is to search Google for your niche + guest post terms, like this if you are in the automotive industry, for example:

  • “automotive guest post”
  • “automotive write for us”
  • “automotive guest post guidelines”
  • “automotive guest post submissions”

And so on. These types of search terms will help you find a ton of websites out there that are publicly declaring that they are looking for guest posts.

compitior SEO lookupAnother way to find guest post opportunities is to use a tool like Majestic to examine your competitor’s backlink profiles. Find any of their links that are obviously guest post submissions and add the sites to your list.

Finally, just get to know the names in your industry or niche. Read their blogs, follow them on Twitter, and otherwise learn more about them. While some of the big names might be out of your league until you develop more street cred, low to mid-level connections could provide ample opportunity for guest posts. 

#2 Develop Topic Ideas That Will Wow Audiences

Before you start your cold email pitches, you want to come up with a list of topics that are hard to say “no” to. A good way to do this to look at the other guest posts that have already been published on the site. What do they have in common? As you read through the headlines, ask yourself why the webmaster or content editor said “yes” to these pitches.

SEO brainstormingThen, brainstorm your own idea for a topic that contains similar elements to these posts and would be a good fit for the sites you are targeting.

Two elements that are of utmost importance to keep in mind are purpose and audience. In other words, as you generate topics, you need to be answering these two questions:

  • Who would want to read this blog post? (audience)
  • Why are they reading it? (purpose)

#3 Craft Winning Outreach Emails

Now comes the hard part: actually contacting people. You are going to be sending a lot of emails. What you want to avoid, though, is the shotgun method. Don’t spray out the same boilerplate email to every single contact and pray that they’ll respond.

You can work from a template of sorts, but try to personalize each email a little bit in order to increase your odds of making a connection with the reader. After all, they are probably getting a lot of pitches. You need to do something to stand out.

As you craft your emails, consider these points:

  • State your name early in the email to make a personal connection, along with a mention of your company/website/etc. and what you do.
  • Thank them for the work they contribute to the industry and offer a specific comment on something the published recently.
  • Point out that you’ve been considering writing a piece about XYZ that you noticed they haven’t covered yet. Try to show how you bring a unique angle to this topic that would benefit their blog.
  • Link back to past content that you’ve written.

This could all go together to look something like this (but keep in mind you have got to personalize it to make it sound like you):

Hey {firstname},

My name is Caleb, and I’m the CEO of Dripfeed Nation, a trustworthy provider of social signals, backlinks, and other SEO services.

I’ve been reading your blog a lot lately (you may have noticed some of my comments), and I just wanted to start by thanking you for all the knowledge bombs you’ve been dropping in the industry. I really dug your post about Why PBNs Aren’t Going Anywhere because it did a good job of dispelling a lot of myths that my clients have been worrying about.

We have our own blog at Dripfeed Nation, and I’ve been considering writing a post about the importance of building your PBNs the right way, but I noticed your blog doesn’t have anything along those lines yet. I’m wondering if you might be interested in publishing my piece as a guest post?

Since Dripfeed Nation has literally built hundreds of PBN sites, I think I could provide some unique insight on the topic that would make a great follow-up to your latest post. If you are interested, you can take a look at some of my past posts linked below to see if my style would be a good fit for your blog:

Thanks for your time (and all the stellar content),


#4 Persevere

Numbers of search engine optimizationIn the end, any form of outreach is a numbers game. Before you even get started, you need to admit to yourself that you are going to get more NO’s then YES’s. And you’ll likely get ignored by even more people.

You can improve your odds by following-up. You literally have nothing to lose by sending an extra few emails. It’s very common for messages to get lost in inboxes, so a simple follow-up that says something like this is a very easy way to go about it: “Just wanted to check if you received my previous email”.

Guest Post Outreach Takes Time

You’ve probably noticed that this takes time. Building a contact list, brainstorming topics, crafting emails, sending follow-up—they all add up to countless hours. It is time well spent, of course. Often, once you earn a single guest post spot, the same blog will be happy to feature you over and over again.

But, not all of us have the time or resources to spend on guest post outreach. Especially not busy SEO agency owners. If you need quality guest posts but simply can’t afford the time investment, Dripfeed Nation’s white label link building is exactly what you need. We’ve spent months building our guest post network, and it continues to grow day after day. So get in touch to learn about how we can put our high quality guest post links to your service today.

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