3 Major Services That SEOs Tend To Skip DAS Stack Press Release Sub reddit Links

3 Major Services That SEOs Tend To Skip

There are three services in particular that should not be overlooked in our fast changing SEO landscape. These are domain authority stacking, press releases, and sub reddits. In this post, we will explore you can harness the power of these often overlooked SEO techniques.

Domain Authority Stack (DAS)

Commonly credited to SEO guru Jimmy Kelly, Domain Authority Stacking (or DAS) is a proven approach to help grow your rankings. Even though it was popularized in 2015 or so, this approach is still used today to boost site authority. DAS works by interlinking multiple high authority sites, generally by using branded links.

While these can provide the same benefit of backlinks, think of DAS as a way of bolstering your website’s reputation with quality recognition, authority measurements, and good old-fashioned organic rankings. Let’s break down these basic benefits and you can explore why domain authority stacking is crucial to your SEO campaigns.

Quality Online Recognition

Like Michael Jordan and his Nikes, if you want to start making money you need to hitch your ride to a successful brand. In this case both Michael and Nike benefited symbiotically, and so can you by increasing your site’s brand awareness.

By building naked links and keeping them consistent with tier 1 anchor text, you will increase your site’s online recognition in an organic high quality way. This method is referred to as anchor text optimization – a rabbit hole we can cover on a different post. Suffice it to say that getting your brand mentioned and linked on tons of high authority sites is a good thing.

Domain authority stack DAS quality

Authority Measurements

Once Google starts noticing your site’s higher authority the metrics will increase quickly. One of the goals of a DAS is to get a better indexing rate than Joe Shmoe business by stacking more high DA domains to bring up your own numbers. This is what it is all about: higher metrics, better indexing, and an authority that search engines will love.


Organic Rankings

Here let us consider a dart board, with your money site as the bullseye in the center. Surrounding yourself with high domain authority circles, they will get that good juice flowing and naturally highlight your site sitting in the middle. The better the presence, the more rewards, and soon your rankings will fly high on all pages of the site: landing, blog, products, etc.

Here are some Domain Authority Stack services I recommend using:



Press Releases

Get ahead of the story by releasing your site’s message to high ranking and trusted news sites. By proving your content is newsworthy, the trust of search engines and users will follow.

The most concrete benefit of press releases is the addition of highly authoritative news backlinks. These sites tend to be followed naturally and have powerful marketing teams behind them. Their boosts are your boosts after you have landed on their radar.

In a best case scenario, you (or your clients) will find their brands posted on their favorite news sites in a major story.

Press releases can be volatile as more news sites are involved, and a negative story can have the polar opposite effect on your site. Keep reading and we will explore a few ways to avoid danger.


Benefits of Press Releases on SEO

press release PR links newspaper-37782_960_720

Much like all SEO strategies, it all comes down to backlinks. News sites are riddled with a greater amount of quality backlinks than most websites.

While the news journalists are driving their shiny sports car of a story, it is your quality site on the bumper sticker. Where they go, you go. And because of the nature of news, users will share your website organically and in great numbers across social media, websites, and blogs.

Beware Irrelevant News Sites

This is the greatest landmine. Finding yourself on a popular and high ranking news site would be amazing, but they have a tough screening process. You may need to spend time and money to get there.

Beware the shortcut of posting with spam platforms, or low quality “news” blasting blogs. Even some for profit sites are riddled with low quality articles. You do not want your press releases to be associated with these bad brands. It is not who you are to the users, but who you hang out with in this case.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this with the Press Release services I recommend using:



Sub Reddits For Your Brand

Reddit is already a spider web of communities sharing all manner of interests from all sorts of users. This online neighborhood is the block party to be a part of. It is the front page of the internet, after all. Reddit generates a ton of traffic, but how do you get a piece of that?


Start By Finding Your Niche Community

A great place for all readers of this article would be r/DigitalMarketing, for which reasons should be obvious. Posting your content and starting discussions will naturally generate traffic surrounding your topics and brand. Start by realizing you are the new kid on the block, and nobody has learned about your message.


Build A Reputation Score

Nobody listens to a nobody with a score of zero – so start by branching out and commenting on others’ posts first. Reddit needs participation to flourish, and your brand needs to show that you are part of their game and community.

Joining discussion groups, different sub reddits, helping up-votes and down-votes—all of this will get the ball rolling. You want to stake your claim, show others that you are not just on Reddit to make money or lurk for content. Show that you are, in fact, an interested member.

sub reddit links reputation is everything cat new

Be A Parasite (it’s not how it sounds)

One of the awesome things about getting links from a sub reddit is that it’s a high DA site that you can power up with other links. Imagine this…

You share one of your site’s blog posts on Reddit, immediately gaining a trustworthy link that Google loves. Next, you send a handful of PBN links to that Reddit post, suddenly skyrocketing it’s power. You don’t have to worry about risking your rankings because Reddit is such a trustworthy site.

Parasite SEO is a well-known tactic for safe link building, and Reddit is the perfect neighborhood to leech off of.


As Always, Content Is Key

Reddit users, or Redditors, tend to be judgemental of those using the website for monetary gain. So, as usual, quality content is key. It is recommended you start posting after you have joined a few discussions and had some successful, high voted comments. Now that you are established, it is time to start sharing your brand’s message with fellow Redditors.

In 2018, Reddit began hosting its own video, and the multimedia landscape has never been the same. Be creative by keeping posts humorous, add some GIFs, and try to stay relevant and hip by following and building on what SEO leaders before you have posted.

Here are some Sub Reddit link services I recommend using: