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Why Would You Want Drip Feed Social Signals?

Social Signals have been the name of the game for quite some time for any SEO rankings. Many people will say that Social Signals mean “Nothing” but what most of the people do not understand what they do for any website. If not having Social Media attached to your site since 2015 makes your site look 10X sketchier, then how would that be any different to not have anyone talking about your site? Now yes, most Social Signals are not going to rank for everything without links, but what they will do is tell Google that “Hey, we have people talking about us, so now they are linking to our site”.

For all you ham sandwich lovers, just think of it as…. You must have the bread as a base before you can put the Mayonnaise on (Or Miracle Whip for all you wierdo’s) and the ham and cheese..…. Anyways the point is, you must have the base (Social Signals), before ever having any back links (The Mayonnaise, ham and cheese).

Now let’s get to the most important part of Social Signals. So just like SEO overall, one of the greatest aspects you can do is drip feed whatever you are doing to help it look natural in Google. Just like it would “spammy” to send 10,000 links all in one day to your site, it would somewhat be the same way with Social Signals. So, I know I said “somewhat” in that last sentence and I’ll explain why. With any kind of larger blasting of links, it would look unnatural in the eyes of the search engines. This same concept is the same for major amounts of Social Signals.

Why Are Drip Fed Back Links Important?

Links have been the name of the game for years in SEO and will stay that way for many years to come! This gig is more than just a gig… It’s a service to your SEO career that will treat you well forever……..….
… Okay, enough of the bulls*** and let’s cut to the chase!

We all want to rank well in the SERP’s and rather it’s your lead generation site, affiliate site, a client’s site or your own SEO company, we ALL need links to rank! So, Drip Feed Nation wants to offer you some extremely powerful links that our owner Caleb uses himself. ALSO, since we are huge on being safe and staying as natural as possible, so all of our hard work isn’t penalized. We have constructed this gig to be drip feed throughout multiple weeks, so the links seem as if you were reaching out to guest blogs and receiving links from them. Be sure to check our extras below if you are needing more links OR an even longer drip feed!

Our Legiit Marketplace Services

Come find out why building an SEO Foundation for your website is so important AND how to use these high authority sites as massive backlinks

(Base package) – 30 Web 2.0 Accounts + 20 Social Media Accounts (50 in total, around these numbers of each) + Web 2.0 Blast + 1,200 Social Signals Blast

(Base package) – These Signals will be dripfeed over ONE week and are a mix of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Pinterest.

(Base package) – You’ll get 5 drip feed PBN links w/ 17+ DA & 17+ TF – Dripped for one week

(Base package) – These will be dripped over TWO weeks. Signals will be a mix of FB, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest.

(Base package) – 400 posts Syndwired Bookmarks and Status Updates (Known as “Syndwire blast”) that  will be drip feed for TWO weeks for your Website, Video, Image, etc.

(Base package) – These Signals will be a mix of FB, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest Shares/Retweets and Likes

(Base package) – These will be dripped over ONE week. Signals will be a mix of FB, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest.

Our Favorite SEO Tools

Mangools Juicy Keyword Finder

Do your main keyword research while finding your easy to rank long tail keywords

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